Friday, June 3, 2011

I won

Today I officially won the Jazz it Off competition.  While it was great.  I'm scared for what is to come.  Will I continue to take weight off?  Will it be at the same rate?  Will I ever run?

For so long I've been a person of commitments to myself that never really came to fruition.  Last year I took a couple of vacation days that would have otherwise gone back to the company for myself.  Not my sons, not my husband... for me!  This year I've done two better at least.  My first... I took off with a girlfriend.  We went to a vineyard and had the best time EVER!!!  My second... I ended up exchanging shoes at Fleet Feet and then made a couple of other stops.

I was SUPER nervous going into Fleet Feet.  But the shoes just didn't feel right.  They have a 30 day return policy and in the end I ended up going back.  The sale associate there was wonderful.  I feel confident that he has placed me in the right thing to work with my running.  I may need an alternative for Jazzercise, but it's a start.

I also ran today.  According to my android app I ran an 11.33 mile.  Good, Bad who knows, we'll see when I do it again.  It was one of my best times yet.  But there were more in between stops.  But if I can keep that pace I could, maybe, possbily do a half marathon at some point in my life?!!?

I also won Jazz it Off (45lbs against a total of 30 people loosing 157 (and I'm included int hat)).  I'm proud of Me!  and that's all that matters... and my Dad says he's proud of me!!!

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