Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Hard Week...

I'm having a hard time making that scale move...and I'm not sure the next few weeks will be any better.

Tomorrow is weigh in day and I'm expecting I'll likely break even.  While I've been pretty much on on my eating I've gone out for cocktails with friends for family almost every night so I suppose that is the reason why. 

These next few weeks I have semi-major events every week so I'm not sure what kind of progress I'll make.  I guess the key is just to keep even or down.

Here's the schedule:

This weekend: 4th of July BBQ at my In-Laws
July 7th & 8th: Work Dinner and Work Picnic
July 14th - 17th: Michigan with my family for my cousin's wedding
July 24th: Our Anniversary
August 1st - 6th: Vacation with Matt's family
August 20th: Jack's 2nd Birthday Party

It's downright nutty!  While I do my best to make good eating decisions I also think it's the cocktails that effect it as well... as long as I can keep looking ahead I can maintain and hopefully loose a little.

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