Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bathing Suit Season

Swim lessons start for Nate in a few weeks and while I won't be in the water with him I will likely take him to the pool at the campground for some practice, which means I'll have Jack with me, which means I'll be in the waters since Jack has no fear.  We also have a vacation coming up in Rhode Island, which we will spend 75% of our time on the beach.

With all the shrinking I've been doing I figured I had to get a new bathing suit.  I HATE buying bathing suits.  In order to make sure I wasn't popping out up top I'd end up looking like a grandma.

This year I'd been eyeing this one from Athleta

But the $90 price tag left a bit to be desired...

I ended up happening across the sale section of the site (tricky how they don't show sale items with the regular items) and found these two.

I'm hoping one or both work.  And at $40 and $30 on sale the price tag was a bit easier to take.  I order two sizes in each thanks to free shipping and free returns.  With the 45 day return period if when I loose more weight if it's before I need the bathing suit and the smaller one happens to work, all the better.

The review all say they have great support and great coverage and that they last a long time.  I'm skeptical, but in this case there's nothing to loose! 

In other news...

I did not run yesterday.  I couldn't get my rear end out the door.  I did do some ab work with the stability ball, I'll have to have my sister-in-law show me some more.  I will run today since I can't jazzercise.

I did find a great new snack thinks to the Shape Magazine website... Cucumber Slices with a Laughing Cow Cheese wedge.   YUMMY and only 40 calories.  I picked up a copy of Shape while I was in there and I'm liking that, I'm debating subscribing to that or Fitness.

Today is a semi-busy day.  After work we have T-Ball and after T-Ball I have a party at my Sister-In-Law's for her new Arbonne business.  Should be a great day and hopefully I can keep the eating in check.  Here's the plan:

DD Iced Coffee with Skim Milk & 2 Splenda
Cheerios with Milk
Lean Pocket
Granola Bar
Chef Salad with Light Balsamic

This should leave a little room for a snack or glass of wine at the party.

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