Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Hard Week...

I'm having a hard time making that scale move...and I'm not sure the next few weeks will be any better.

Tomorrow is weigh in day and I'm expecting I'll likely break even.  While I've been pretty much on on my eating I've gone out for cocktails with friends for family almost every night so I suppose that is the reason why. 

These next few weeks I have semi-major events every week so I'm not sure what kind of progress I'll make.  I guess the key is just to keep even or down.

Here's the schedule:

This weekend: 4th of July BBQ at my In-Laws
July 7th & 8th: Work Dinner and Work Picnic
July 14th - 17th: Michigan with my family for my cousin's wedding
July 24th: Our Anniversary
August 1st - 6th: Vacation with Matt's family
August 20th: Jack's 2nd Birthday Party

It's downright nutty!  While I do my best to make good eating decisions I also think it's the cocktails that effect it as well... as long as I can keep looking ahead I can maintain and hopefully loose a little.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Plan of attack... maybe tuesday's is more my thing!

Weekly Eats
M - Turkey Black Bean Enchilada's (left overs) (
T - Swedish Meatballs & Whole Wheat Noodles (
W - Pizza at a friends house and I'll likely bring a nice salad to counteract the bad!
T - Chicken & Mushrooms with a Garlic Wine Sauce with Cauliflower Puree (
F - Maple Glazed Pork & Sweet Potatoes ( - never got to eat them last week

Keeping Moving
I should hit Jazzercise every day this week I think!

I did 2 miles yesterday.  I borrowed my Sister-in-Law's Woman's Running book and started following the beginner plan.  First goal is to be able to run 4 minutes on and off for a 14 minute stretch. It says I should be able to do that within the week so that's my goal.  

Friday, June 24, 2011

Weekly Weigh In

In the hundreds?!?!?!??!?!

I hit 199.2 on Tuesday but wasn't sure it would last till the Friday weigh in with all we had going on.

This morning I was 198.8 and I'll take it.  I have never been so happy to see that number flip!!!!!

I think my weight loss goals work really nicely because at about every 5lbs I have something to look forward to, either an even number for a total (40lbs, 50lbs, almost 60lbs) and I have the breaking of another digit (210, 200, 190, etc.).

I went for my physical last week and the doctor said my ideal weight is 169lbs.  To me that seems low for me.  I'm a comfortable 12 right now.  A 10 or an 8 would be fantastic, but anything lower than that seems too small. Right now I'm shooting for the 180's.  I'd like enough of a buffer zone from the 200's that I can not have to focus as much and where I can on have to work out 4 - 5 days a week.  That's not saying that I will, but it would be nice.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Plan of Attack... a day late...

How did it get to be Tuesday already???

Weekly Eats
M - Cajun Chicken Pasta (
T - Turkey Zucchini Burgers w/ Oven Fries ( - ended up with Salad instead of fries since my potatoes were a bit outdated.
W - If the T-Ball game actually happens we'll have Subway, if we're rained out we'll have Maple Glazed Pork & Sweet Potatoes (
T - Pizza & Salad - Nate's Preschool Graduation is at 6:15 so we need to eat QUICK
F - Turkey Black Bean Enchilada's (

Keeping Moving
Jazzercise is planned for everyday except Wednesday.  Sunday we have a demo at the town's Tag Sale on the Green so I get an extra day of Jazzercise in.  After Jazzercise we're heading to the Traveler's Championship (PGA) so that should also have a lot of bonus walking!

I did a quick 1.2 mile run / walk / jog today (Tuesday as well).  Tomorrow I plan to do the 3.2 mile route, as well as potentially Friday and likely Sunday morning.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A little before and current action...

A message board I belong to recently talked about before and after pictures and one of the ladies corrected it to before and current... makes complete sense.

Here I am in November of 2010 on a nice sweaty day at River Ranch in Lake Wales Florida. My 10 year old nice got a hold of my Canon and took a great picture...

Here I am today after tossing the camera in my husband's hands. 
At least 54lbs down at this point, possibly more (especially after all the beer drinking while there).


Friday and Yesterday were literally spent running around like a chicken with my head cut off...and today I ran and totally improved my last 5k time.

Friday and Saturday mornings I Jazzercised.  Saturday morning Lisa did a circuit class, where you mix weights in with the cardio, which was great since I had to book it after 45 minutes to get home and ready for Nate's T-Ball game.

This morning I did my 3.2 mile loop in 36:36.  This was a huge improvement over my 40:48 time last time. I went from a 12:48 mile to an 11:24 mile.  Now lets see if I can get another run in this week!

Friday, June 17, 2011

A Loss is a Loss

It's my lowest loss ever over the last 14 weeks, but it's not a gain and I've realized my mistakes. 

I'm down 0.6lbs to 202.6.  Not great by any means, but not a gain.

This week will be better.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pre-Weigh in Stressing...

I'm anticipating that tomorrow's weigh in will not be good.  This weekend I was not good with my eating, I didn't exercise at all on Sunday.  Then Tuesday night Matt made Risotto.  It was awesome, but I didn't need the extra helping. 

Wednesday I got back in focus.  I had a nice run (2.3 miles in 25 minutes), I ate right (despite being busy). 

Today I did great as well. I Jazzercised at 6am.  Ate right all day and even got a quick 1.2 mile run in tonight.  I also walked around IKEA 4 times trying to find the darn black mousepads for the office (everyone kept sending me somewhere else)... that has to count for something (especially given the blisters on my feet from high heels -- not to self: high heels and IKEA don't mix). 

Regardless of the number tomorrow it was a good sign that I still have a ways to go and while over indulging for one day is ok, 4 days of it is not so much.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Making Progress

Just got back from a 2.3 mile run in 26 minutes.  RunKeeper said a 12 minute mile average... not bad after my 12:48 average last week.  My biggest problem was where to keep my phone (with RunKeeper installed).  I had it in the back pocked of my workout pants and my pants kept falling down.  If not for that I probably could have done better.

I know that's a lovely mental picture of a girl trying to run while constantly yanking up her pants!  (Imagine the fact that I had probably 9 more cars pass by me today than ever!!)

Bathing Suit Season

Swim lessons start for Nate in a few weeks and while I won't be in the water with him I will likely take him to the pool at the campground for some practice, which means I'll have Jack with me, which means I'll be in the waters since Jack has no fear.  We also have a vacation coming up in Rhode Island, which we will spend 75% of our time on the beach.

With all the shrinking I've been doing I figured I had to get a new bathing suit.  I HATE buying bathing suits.  In order to make sure I wasn't popping out up top I'd end up looking like a grandma.

This year I'd been eyeing this one from Athleta

But the $90 price tag left a bit to be desired...

I ended up happening across the sale section of the site (tricky how they don't show sale items with the regular items) and found these two.

I'm hoping one or both work.  And at $40 and $30 on sale the price tag was a bit easier to take.  I order two sizes in each thanks to free shipping and free returns.  With the 45 day return period if when I loose more weight if it's before I need the bathing suit and the smaller one happens to work, all the better.

The review all say they have great support and great coverage and that they last a long time.  I'm skeptical, but in this case there's nothing to loose! 

In other news...

I did not run yesterday.  I couldn't get my rear end out the door.  I did do some ab work with the stability ball, I'll have to have my sister-in-law show me some more.  I will run today since I can't jazzercise.

I did find a great new snack thinks to the Shape Magazine website... Cucumber Slices with a Laughing Cow Cheese wedge.   YUMMY and only 40 calories.  I picked up a copy of Shape while I was in there and I'm liking that, I'm debating subscribing to that or Fitness.

Today is a semi-busy day.  After work we have T-Ball and after T-Ball I have a party at my Sister-In-Law's for her new Arbonne business.  Should be a great day and hopefully I can keep the eating in check.  Here's the plan:

DD Iced Coffee with Skim Milk & 2 Splenda
Cheerios with Milk
Lean Pocket
Granola Bar
Chef Salad with Light Balsamic

This should leave a little room for a snack or glass of wine at the party.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Planning for the Week

So close to yet another huge milestone (in the 100 club, only 3.6lbs away).  I lost some focus this weekend with 1 too many days of bad food and good drinks.  Lets see if I can reign it back in.

Weekly Menu
M - Swedish Meatballs with Whole Wheat Noodles (
T - Spinach & Sausage Risotto - Matt's own recipe, I'll have to watch the portion here.
W - Subway - We have T-Ball so it has to be quick.
T - Bruchetta Chicken (
F - Santa Fe Chicken with White Rice ( - since we never made it last week.

The Egg Nests for breakfast were awesome!  I will be making those again this week or next.  I didn't get a chance to make the muffins yet so that will be on Wednesday night's agenda I think.

Workout Goals
Last week I did 5 days of Jazzercise and one 3.2 mile run / walk.  This week will be about the same.  I'm hoping to get at least two runs in but we'll see.  We have T-Ball Wednesday night, work stuff Thursday / Friday so it's going to be a very busy latter part of the week.

As far as running goes I'm shooting for a 5k or maybe even a 10k this year, but we'll see.  The outside season in CT is so short that we'll see how it goes.   Luckily I have my sister-in-law to try and teach me the ways of running.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Awesome Weigh In!!!

I weighed in this morning and I'm down another 3.2 for the week bringing me to 203.2.  I'm so close to hitting the hundred's I can feel it!!! We had horrible storms last night, lost power, drove to Jazzercise with my Mother-In-Law in some nasty downpour, luckily made it through class with now power loss.  After that we lost power again after bedtime and right when it came back on my hubby got called out for storm duty (you know where computer programmers go sit next to down power lines to tell people not to touch them).  It sucks.  It especially sucks at 10:30 at night when you know you won't see him till the morning.  Thankfully he's home, sleeping, just now. 

It's going to be a great day!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Planning for the Week

Saturday I hit a huge milestone... 50lbs.  Totally psyched!  To try and keep forward motion to my next huge milestone (just 7lbs away - the 100's) I've got the plan for the week.

Weekly Menu
M - Chef Salad (Turkey & Low Fat Cheese rolled up, cucumbers, tomatoes and light balsamic dressing)
T - Turkey & Black Bean Enchiladas (
W - Grilled Chicken & Broccoli & Potato Mash (
T - Turkey Zucchini Burgers with Chipolte Sweet Potato Fries (
F - Santa Fe Chicken with White Rice (

Some New Breakfast Options
Tonight I made the Egg Nests from from Breakfast for Matt and I a couple days this week. At only 65 calories each even having 3 isn't bad. I also plan to make the Chocolate Chip Ricotta Muffins for a sweet alternative.

Workout Goals
I did make it to 6 days of Jazzercise last week and I made it out to run once.  Not within my 3 times a week goal, but hopefully I can do better this week.  Today I went to Jazzercise, I'll got tomorrow at 6am.  Wednesday is targeted as a run day since we have Full Day Kindergarten Orientation that night and I'll miss Jazzercise. 

My sister-in-law is considering doing the Newport Marathon in October.  (She's run two halves).  I'm halfway considering signing up for the half.  They welcome walkers at this event (you have to finish within 3.5 hours (17 minute mile).  I think I can do that, but I'm afraid of people wondering what the heck I'm doing.

Anyone out there?

Friday, June 3, 2011

I won

Today I officially won the Jazz it Off competition.  While it was great.  I'm scared for what is to come.  Will I continue to take weight off?  Will it be at the same rate?  Will I ever run?

For so long I've been a person of commitments to myself that never really came to fruition.  Last year I took a couple of vacation days that would have otherwise gone back to the company for myself.  Not my sons, not my husband... for me!  This year I've done two better at least.  My first... I took off with a girlfriend.  We went to a vineyard and had the best time EVER!!!  My second... I ended up exchanging shoes at Fleet Feet and then made a couple of other stops.

I was SUPER nervous going into Fleet Feet.  But the shoes just didn't feel right.  They have a 30 day return policy and in the end I ended up going back.  The sale associate there was wonderful.  I feel confident that he has placed me in the right thing to work with my running.  I may need an alternative for Jazzercise, but it's a start.

I also ran today.  According to my android app I ran an 11.33 mile.  Good, Bad who knows, we'll see when I do it again.  It was one of my best times yet.  But there were more in between stops.  But if I can keep that pace I could, maybe, possbily do a half marathon at some point in my life?!!?

I also won Jazz it Off (45lbs against a total of 30 people loosing 157 (and I'm included int hat)).  I'm proud of Me!  and that's all that matters... and my Dad says he's proud of me!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Where I've been...and where I'm going

I've flip flopped weight for most of my life, since at least high school I've never dropped below a size 16 or if I did it was for such a brief period it's already been forgotten.  I've now go loose size 14's and semi-ok size 12's.  Evidently the competitiveness of Jazz It Off was what I needed to get moving down this path, but now I need to figure out a way to continue the journey now that some of the accountability is gone.

I figured writing it down was a good way to start.

Date Weight lbs %
3/8/2011 256.4
3/15/2011 249 7.4 2.89%
3/22/2011 244.4 4.6 1.85%
3/29/2011 241.2 3.2 1.31%
4/5/2011 236.6 4.6 1.91%
4/12/2011 232.8 3.8 1.61%
4/19/2011 229.4 3.4 1.46%
4/28/2011 228.2 1.2 0.52%
5/3/2011 222.4 5.8 2.54%
5/10/2011 218.4 4 1.80%
5/17/2011 214.8 3.6 1.65%
5/23/2011 211.4 3.4 1.58%

So this makes the total lost as of last Friday 45lbs or 17.55% of my body weight.

June Goals to Focus On

1. Get into the 100's.
2. Jazzercise at least 4x per week. (I know I've been going 5 or 6 but I want the flexibility to choose to do other types of exercise if I can't make it).
3. Walk / Jog / Run at least 3x per week.
4. Continue Tracking Eating