Saturday, August 4, 2012

Saturday WOD

I had a back and forth debate... jazzercise or crossfit, jazzercise or crossfit, jazzercise or crossfit... Crossfit won.

I keep wondering when I'll be able to walk in not nervous hopefully soon!

Today Billie was the coach.  It was hot and HUMID out.  Seriously breaking a sweat just walking from the car two steps.

We got in and did the usual warmup (again I felt great showing off my lack of pullups and pushups).  After that we teamed up to do the WOD.

Run 400 then
Alternate with a partner for AMRAP

Push Press - 45lbs
Kettlebell Swings

The 400's SUCKED.  And by the time we hit burpees my legs were just saying no.

I think we ended up around 360 reps total (with partner) in about 33 minutes.

This was hard, but hard is why I'm here.

Can't wait to go back for more.

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