Monday, August 6, 2012

Getting in the Groove

Today marked 1 week of really watching what I was eating and no drinking outside of Saturday night.  Supposedly I'm down 12.2lbs but I'm going to weigh in again tomorrow b/c I think this mornings weigh in was off.  And I personally prefer Tuesday weigh ins. 

We had some fantastic meals this past week, my favorite being the Eggplant Pesto Panini.  Since our farm share had Eggplants again this week that will definitely be repeated.   I also experimented with a mexican stuffed pepper that was pretty good.

Here's my plan of attack for this week, which will likely be edited slightly as the week progresses.

Monday - Leftover Stuffed Peppers
Tuesday - Stuffed Meatloaf
Wednesday - Ginger Chicken Stir Fry
Thursday - Turkey Jambalaya
Friday - The kids want spaghetti so I think I'm going to use the sauce and do a version of the turkey stuffed zucchini boats, but more of a casserole since that was hard to eat.  

I went to the 5am today and was a little less nervous. 

Cindy switched the warm up up a little but not too bad, then we worked on snatches. 

I'm half tempted to order a barbell so I can practice form at home.  I've already ordered a speed rope, and I may have been sending Matt tutorials for making your own garage pullup bar on Friday. 

Today's WOD

3 Round of:

8x Split Snatch Alternating Legs (since this was my first time Cindy had me do the strict snatch with just the 15lb bar to get used to the movement)
7x Muscle Ups (or pulls-up / dips / or 7 rounds of 3 pull ups / 3 push ups which was what I did)
Run 400 meters

I came in at 18:23

I was able to run all three of the runs without a walk break which was great for me.  Though I can't say I love the 400 meter route, it's at least better than the 800.

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