Friday, August 3, 2012

First Day Off the On Ramp

We missed Thursday night so we could take Nate to Camp Family night, which included fishing, archery, basketball, hockey and a little soccer.  It was a blast and well worth missing the last class.

After we got home I considered hitting the 5am.  I was nervous just thinking about it.

What if I don't remember anything?
What if there are things I don't know how to do?
Are people going to think I'm an idiot for even trying this?

On and on and on...

In the end I emailed with Amy who had just gotten off the on Ramp recently and she told me she felt the same way after her On Ramp but everyone was great.  I figured if I woke up in time for the 5, I'd go to 5, if not I'd go to 6.

At about 20 till 5 I woke up and just went for it. 

Of course my first time leaving the house at 10 till 5am there's an accident and police and fire trucks everywhere at the end of my road.  I almost took this as a sign to run home, but since the road was open I figured I'd go.

Driving up there felt almost like my first class nerves wise and even walking in was nerve wracking. 

Cindy was the Coach for the 5am that morning.  When I came in everyone started introducing themsleves and made me feel welcome.  The warmup was a repeat of the one we'd been working through so that was nice. I started in on that.  Still slightly embarassed by my box jump pulls-ups and my knee pushups.  But one day they'll come. 

We started off with 5 rounds of 3 Deadlifts with increasing weight. 

I did: 65lbs / 75lbs / 95lbs / 95lbs / 95lbs

I probably could have gone up on the 95's but I was nervous. 

The WOD was

3 Round of
10 Deadlifts
50 Double Unders

I haven't jumped rope since I was about 10 and just practicing I was tangled.  Cindy said the normal alternate for DU's is 3 Single Unders, but since I was just start to do 50.  By the end I started getting more of a groove and ended up at about 75 per set.

I did 75lbs for my DL's and finished in 6:04. 

Given that time I was a little disappointed I didn't do more SU's but there's always tomorrow.

Matt also went tonight and did great, his DL's blew me out of the water.  He maxed at 275lbs!!!!

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