Monday, July 30, 2012

On Ramp Day 4

Today was Day 4 and it went by super quick.  We started out with a warm up including pull ups, push ups, squats with the PVC bar, supermans and then another fun device that included your feet being held in and doing almost a forward sit up. 

After that we went on to review rowing, cleans and wall balls.

I struggled a lot with the cleans, but I think I get them now.  Though we'll see if it sticks.  Was also interesting to see how challenging wall balls really are when you get the squat going.

We ran out of time (likely because of my sucky cleans) and only did a 5 minute WOD, which turned into 8 minutes since we were all into it.


5 cleans
10 situps
15 wall balls

I did 3 full sets and a ton of practice cleans.

Tonight was good.  We're learning a ton and I hope it all sticks.  This weekend could be interesting if we make it Saturday.

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