Thursday, July 26, 2012

On Ramp Day 3...with AM Jazzercise...

Tonight was supposed to be Camp Family Night at Nate's camp, but impending storms cancelled that.  The cancellation was of course not until after I Jazzercised at 6am. 

Since it was cancelled Matt's Mom watched the boys and we went for our On Ramp.

Tonight during warm-up we got to do the rowing machine for 500 meters.  That was pretty cool... especially the point where Matt pointed out from 2 rowers away that I needed to changed the display, the 27 was my speed, not my distance.  I was happy, because it was sure taking a long time to get to 500!!!  After that we did two rounds of 10 situps, 10 deadlifts with the medicine ball, 10 squats with the ball and something else I can't remember.

Once we were done with warm ups Laura showed us the Hang Clean, the the Thruster Press.  I ended up using 35lbs I think. Then we got to do pull-ups.  If I say I suck at push ups... I suck or fail at pulls up.  I ended up doing pulls ups with a 16inch box. They stick sucked.

Next up was our WOD


Thrusters / Pull Ups

21 - 15 - 9

I did it in 9:06.  Tomorrow's going to be fun.

If this storm doesn't have Matt going out to sit by power lines all night I'll be hopefully Jazzercising at 6am to work out some of the soreness.

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