Tuesday, July 24, 2012

On Ramp Day 1

So not only am I trying out CrossFit, but I talked my husband Matt into it too.  After a little pressure I talked him into at least trying the On Ramp. 

For those not in the know... the On Ramp is 6 hour long classes where you learn the concepts and moves behind Crossfit. 

Last night was our first On Ramp.  Matt was having the same nerves I was Saturday morning and I was nervous for him as well.  While I've had two years of almost daily exercise under my belt, he has not. 

We got there and Matt signed the waivers and we waited for the other On Rampers, which checking out an adorable baby watching his or her Dad finishing up and watching one of the Coaches do the end of her WOD and thinking if in a year I can be a fraction of that I'm sold!

For the On Ramp Matt, Cindy and Laura took us through a warm up then the WOD.  The warm up was an 800 meter (up hill) jog, followed by holding a pvc pipe and pushing it over your head and down 20 times, then 10 pushups, 20 sit ups and 10 supermans, then repeat.

For the record, I suck at pushups.  I still sucked at pushups last night.  Matt on the other hand can do 10 while I think about doing one. I guess we know one thing I'll be working on, a lot.

After the warm up was done we went on to our WOD.

WOD - On Ramp 7-23-12
Tabata Squats

The Tabata Squats were strict squats where we did as many as we could in 20 seconds then rested for 10 seconds then repeated for 8 reps.  The challenging part I had here (besides the fact it hurt) was that when we were learning the technique we were holding much longer in the squat position and it was until the last reps I realized I should be popping up quicker.  The good news is my form was good, the bad news is my reps could have been better.  I did 7 for the first 5 rounds, then 8, 9 & 10 in the last three. At least it's a starting point.

Next up we learned the press.  I had never done anything like that so I was nervous.  We started learning form with the PVC bars, then went over to the racks.  Next we did it with just the bar (45lbs mind you) and no weight.  That was heavy!! But fun.  Next up the Coach added 20lbs.  That was a bit much for me, but the guys (Matt and Mike) make it look like cake.  For the next rep I went down to 15lbs on, total of 60lbs and that was ok.  They guys upped their weights.  For my final round it felt good and I think I was starting to figure it out.

After we finished that we stretched. 

All in all a good experience for me.  Matt seemed to enjoy it by the end and we're ready for more tomorrow night.

This morning I hit up the cardio portion of Jazzercise to move a bit and it felt great!

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